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MagicWeb Marketing Agency Since 2007

Founded in 2007, MagicWeb is a digital marketing company specializing in web design & development, online marketing to helping businesses in Moldova realize their goals, reach new customers along with optimize business growth opportunities. We combine our extensive technical knowledge and unique practical experience to deliver excellent results for our clients. In addition, our focus on long-term relationships allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of every client’s business needs; plan and execute successfully marketing campaigns.

Our marketing agency is dedicated to delivering custom results-driven integrated marketing campaigns. We’ve been working with hundreds of companies across different industries for over 11 years. At MagicNet, we deal with complex projects every day. Furthermore, we are famous for achieving success in large, complex projects though a comprehensive approach.

MagicWeb has a long history working with leading construction, manufacturing & industrial corporations. The key to successful marketing for these types of industries is far more than standard adverting. It requires not only knowledge and experience but clear understanding of various business processes within the corporation. With strong expertise, MagicWeb marketing experts help largest construction, transportation, manufacturing & industrial companies to create an effective marketing strategy; develop integrated marketing campaigns for expanding their businesses and identifying new business growth opportunities.

Web Design & Development

We have been helping clients of all kinds through projects of all sizes for over 11 years. We have designed and developed over 300 custom websites. Drawing on a combination of industry expertise and technology, MagicWeb Agency brings custom web design solutions that help its clients to increase and improve their business’s web presence. MagicWeb specializes in professional website design and development services for large corporations. Our aim is to providing exceptional designs, integrating innovative development solutions, and increasing brand exposure through top-notch web design and development.

At MagicWeb, we are not focused on creativity. We stay focused on the most essential aspects such as accessibility, usability, searching and integration capabilities, website structure, functionality and performance. We create corporate websites to increasing online exposure and revenues, streamlining operations as well as improving the performance of your online business. Our deep industry knowledge and experience combined with our integrated approach enables us to develop complex web solutions, including eCommerce, catalogue and informational websites.

Search Engine Oprtimization (SEO) Plans

MagicWeb Marketing Agency takes pride in our strategic and customized approach to SEO. Our SEO team takes full advantage of new digital and advanced analytics tools to increase website traffic and improve your conversion rate. Our technical SEO skills and practical experience allows us to build successful marketing campaigns. Our in-house SEO experts take knowledge and expertise in optimizing websites and content not only for the search engines, but focusing on user experience. With MagicWeb rock-solid SEO services, you get strong results due to our deep experience in website optimization.

With over 16 years of SEO experience, we have developed a comprehensive SEO plans in helping any businesses rank on search engines. Our SEO Packages are crafted by our professionals to deliver you desired results for all types of websites. SEO is constantly changing. SEO rules are always evolving. We always stay up-to-date with the latest SEO updates to help you keep rankings growing and reach and new audience. In addition, to maximize your online presence, we offer custom SEO solutions, tailored to your specific business requirements.

Online Marketing Services

Web design & development and SEO are the foundations of every business’s successful marketing campaign. Online marketing services require regular review, analytics and work to build, grow and expand overall web business presence. MagicWeb Agency is a trusted and reliable marketing partner. We develop and implement the right marketing strategy for your business; we take time to create your formula for guaranteed online success to match your company’s goals requirements. Before running marketing campaigns, we always do strategic planning along with market research and competitor research.

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  • PPC Dynamic Advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Increase Website Conversion Rate
  • Content Creation & Marketing
  • Website Audit & Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing & Optimization (SMM & SMO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
At MagicWeb Internet Marketing Agency, we understand that your business success in social media requires a strategic approach. Our approach is based on analyzing business opportunities, defining and understanding the target audience; we’re focused on helping businesses to design, plan and implement a corporate social media marketing strategy. Our SMM experts launch and optimize effective paid advertising campaigns (Facebook & Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads & more) to grow your social media presence.
MagicWeb Agency specializes in providing top-notch social media marketing services for businesses of all sizes and types around the world. That’s why our SMM services are available only in English. Our social media marketing services include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit & more. MagicWeb Online Marketing Agency provides individual social media consulting and training needed to execute a successful social media campaigns for building brand awareness, finding new customers & achieving business goals.