SEO Services

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SEO Services in Moldova

  • Basic SEO

  • 29928 days
    • + Add Website to Google
    • + Create XML Sitemap
    • + Create robots.txt
    • + Install & Setup Plugins for SEO
    • + Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

  • Standard SEO

  • 39935 days
    • + All features of Basic SEO
    • + Full Website Content Optimization
    • + SEO Images Optimization
    • + SEO Friendly Structure
    • + Internal Linking

  • Advanced SEO

  • 49960 days
    • + All features of Basic SEO
    • + All features of Standard SEO
    • + Increasing Website Speed
    • + Code Optimization
    • + Technical SEO

  • Individual SEO

  • 199>/mo
    • Non-standard monthly SEO for:
    • – Websites with big competitors
    • – For Big and Medium Websites
    • – For eCommerce
    • – For Major Corporations

All our SEO packages include detailed monthly reports and technical and marketing recommendations!

Search Engine Optimization Services in Moldova

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an extremely important factor when growing of your online business. Our team of highly specialized, knowledgeable SEO experts develop and manage all aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Every day we create successful local and international SEO campaigns to driving more traffic and boosting your leads & sales. With over 11 years in the search engine optimization, our marketing agency has a proven track record for crafting effective SEO campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The SEO industry is always evolving. When it comes to optimizing your website, it can be overwhelming to consider countless SEO factors. On average, Google updates its search engine algorithms up to 600 times annually. MagicWeb Marketing Agency keeps up with the latest algorithm changes and innovative tools; we continuously looking for ways to improve and optimize your online presence, boost your Google rankings and stay competitive in the marketplace.

Some aspects of the marketing can be created and developed within your company. However, SEO is an exception. Search engine optimization is a long complicated process that require technical knowledge & experience as well as marketing skills. It’s greatly recommended to hire a SEO company than managing it by yourself. These days SEO isn’t just about keywords; it goes beyond standard website optimization for higher search engine rankings. It starts with website performance in terms of page speed, navigability, user experience, responsiveness, security; high-quality content, relevant keywords, appropriate tagging, technical standards and more.

As experts in the search engine optimization, MagicWeb Agency is working not only for improving Google ranking, but for building user-friendly site and delivering the ultimate customer experience through a structured approach and strategic planning. All our SEO packages include detailed monthly reports. What’s more, we provide you technical and marketing recommendations for improving SEO rankings and your website performance by the end of each month. You can implement these important updates with us or with your technical experts.